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EQUAL is a leading manufacturer of Digital Weighing Scale and balances for the retail, industrial and specialty markets in India.

Innovation Focused

For us, innovation goes beyond the traditional Research and Development. Our R&D Team constantly looks for new innovative products based on changing Consumer needs & market scenarios.

Quality Management

Before offering any product to our esteemed Customers, our products are examined on various quality parameters in order to make sure that the products are of superior quality & free from any manufacturing fault.

Our Team

We have achieved a leading position in the market under the visionary guidance of our Management Team. Our Team has developed Excellent Quality Control to assure every product in line with all Quality norms & standards set in the Industry.


our products

Wide range of digital & electronic retail, industrial, platform and bench weighing scales and weighing machines

EQUAL Foldable and Adjustable Multipurpose Aluminium EALM - 403SS

QUAL Aluminium Folding Super Ladder is the ideal product combined with ease of Handling & comfort in taking away for Outdoor & Field use. EQUAL Super Ladders are made of Highest grade of Aluminium i.e. 6063 T5 with the Tube thickness of 1.3 m

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Counter Weghing Scales (Double Display Series)

n ideal product for those Shopkeepers who have their Retail Shops / Counter. The weight scale features Dual display which make it convenient to Customers to read the weight. Its Sturdy & Compact design makes it suitable for harsh whether conditio

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Household Weighing Scale

very Households has some basic weighing requirements in its day-to-day routine life whether it is of weighing LPG Cylinders, selling Old Newspapers & other trashes, weighing Food & other items in Kitchen. At Equal, we have come up with a weig

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Jewellery Weighing Scale

lass - II, High Precision Jewelry Weighing Scale of Capacity 600 g with Dual Accuracy of 10/20 mg (upto 500g - 10mg & 600 g - 20mg) having Stainless Steel circular PAN of Dia. 120 mm. With Windshield for better precision. RS - 232 Interface. Prin

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Our Businesses

Manufactured under strict quality control standards, every scale is approved by the Department Legal Meteorology. Right from the stage of raw material procurement to the stage of final product delivery. (This needs to be edited completely, This section will explain about our Pan INDIA Dealer / Distributor Network, different Products Category in which work, our Business presence on Online E-commerce platform)

Aluminium Ladders
Load-cell Sensor
Weighing Scale

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At EQUAL, we strive to deliver innovative products and services to a consistently high standard, and Our products have been accredited by all necessary & essential Certifications.

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